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Over the past few years, E2E has emerged as a leader in bridging the gap between employer and employee.

We are known for providing a quick and efficient recruitment and immigration service in UK and help thousands of people get better jobs in the UK every year.

We offer our services to both employers looking to fill in their vacancies with the right talent and candidates looking to make a fresh start in the UK. and have multilingual staff in our offices in the UK, UAE and Pakistan to help you with all your recruitment and immigration needs.

We aim to provide global recruitment without boundaries.

We provide incumbents opportunities in the hospitality sector in UK, Information Technology, project management, software development & project management.

We secure permits and leave to enter the UK for your employees and other services to include transfer of work permits within companies or from one company to another, application for leave to enter the UK or extension of work permits and leaves depending on the current immigration status. We can also help you source short term contract staff for small projects or a quick turnaround.

For candidates
Living and working in the United Kingdom is a dream for many throughout the world and If you dreamt of getting a job in the IT sector or are looking for medical job opportunities in UK, our team can help you realise this dream.

We are proud of our strong client relationship's and our clients are increasing throughout the UK.

Our aim is to help you find jobs that are suitable for your skills and aspirations.

Apart from helping you get better job in UK, we also help you settle down into your new life.

Your career is important to us and we work closely with you to make sure you get the best of what is available and can introduce you to UK based employers and can help you come to the UK through Tier 2 , Tier 4 and Tier 5 immigration.

To help you immigrate to the UK and settle down comfortably, we offer immigration services in the UK, apart from introducing you to prospective employers and getting the desired job offers.

For Employers
Our experience and expertise in Immigration puts us in a position where we can offer you highly reliable profiles to fulfill all your recruitment needs.

We strive to offer you the best available talent within the shortest time frame

Can source candidates through our offices located globally

Have an extensive database here in the UK as well as overseas

We use competency based interview techniques tailored to your specific skills and needs

Our staff use their in-depth experience, aptitude and industry knowledge in HR and hospitality to provide you sound recruitment advice

We are able to offer home grown or international talent sourced from our overseas offices

Once candidates are found to be suitable to your specified opportunity, we will fully screen and shortlisted, we will present them for interviews, then will provide full background and reference checks

To secure immigration for your potential employees, we work closely with the United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA). We can assist you with tier 1, 2, 4 and 5 application processes with our immigration services in UK. Since we work in compliance with the UKBA guidelines, we can help you secure a sponsorship license and guide you through the sponsorship application process.

We have profiles with the following skills set
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Medical
  • Software
  • HR
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