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The Quality Assurance Agency for higher Education, or the QAA, is one of the most revered independent education oversight bodies in the UK. The primary responsibility of the agency is to check UK universities and colleges, and help them maintain the set standards of education provision. The QAA reviews the education provider’s ability to meet these guidelines and identify good practices. It also makes recommendations and points out areas for improvement after making a detailed assessment and reviewing all procedures.

To get the Highly Trusted Sponsor status, educational oversight by a designated body is mandatory. The UKBA has recognized QAA as a designated body for education oversight of higher education providers in the UK. Education oversight is intended to contribute to the enhancement of higher education in the UK so that UK’s reputation as a world class provider of education is enhanced all over the world.

An educational oversight involves full QAA review throughout the year after the education provider has filed an application. The QAA may make an annual visit along with interim monitoring visits subsequent to providing the HTS status. These visits and reviews are an important part of the overall review process.

How Can We Help?

Here’s what we can do for you.
  • We can help you establish the direction and the ethos of the college. We offer a list of all the procedures that the college will need. Additionally, we meet the team at the college and prep them to achieve the right momentum.
  • We review all your operations and educational procedures to suggest required changes and amends for successful application of tier 4 sponsor status.
  • We work with the key senior staff such as the director and principle of the institute to develop a strategic action plan. We can help you identify 5 year objectives and set annual milestones – a necessity for the oversight procedure. We can also help you prepare documentation of the supporting financials and review your current operational performance.
  • We help review the provision of education. Some of the specific areas of review include course and student selection, teacher recruitment and management, lesson planning and learning outcomes, assessment of students and their extra-curricular activities, management of attendance and maintenance of student progress files.
  • After the review of all procedures, we help you document them and provide evidentiary support for each of them. Each of the review procedure needs to be realistic, so we help implement them and prepare supporting documentation. We help the administration prepare individual files for each student and create records of staff and student attendance.
  • We help you update your communication – on your website, handbooks, prospectuses and the social media.
  • We help you identify areas of improvement and perform a final review to ensure all systems are in place. We offer tips on the essentials and help create the right impression by setting the proper scene.
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